How Being Hot Can Affect Your Body and What You Can Do About It

How Being Hot Can Affect Your Body and What You Can Do About It

Before you read further I wanted to start with a caveat. That caveat is; I’m not a medical professional – so please take time to research the subject further. The following is information I came across while looking up the subject myself. I had an interest in what heat effects have on the body – … Read more

Electric Fans: The Best Solution for Reducing the Health Effects of Heatwaves

Stay cool in a heatwave with an electric fan

How an Electric Fan Can Help When There Is a Heatwave This article discusses how an electric fan can help when there is a heatwave. It helps by explaining that air circulates in a room to provide comfort and keep people from feeling hot. How can using an electric fan help, someone, when they are … Read more

Why Are Bladeless Fan Expensive?

Why Are Bladeless Fans So Expensive

Bladeless fans are different from traditional fans. They don’t have blades to push air and instead use a thin panel of spinning air. Bladeless fans are expensive because they need to be made from strong, lightweight materials in order to maintain optimal performance. Bladeless over traditional fans Bladeless fans are a lot more efficient than … Read more