Sleeping With Fan On

When you are considering if you should sleep with a fan on, there are pros and cons to consider. Having a fan on, for example, may help by providing a soothing white noise. However, circulating the air may agitate allergies or dry out your skin. Some say that sleeping with a fan on helps them get a better sleep quality as well as feeling more refreshed the next morning. Let’s take a further, deeper look at the pros and cons of sleeping with a fan on.

How Sleeping with Fan Could Impact Your Sleep Quality

Can sleeping with a fan on impact your sleep quality? If you are sleeping with a fan on, you may notice that your sleep quality is better. This could be a result of a few different factors. For example, if you use a white noise machine or a fan to help you become drowsy, then this may be why you feel better rested the next morning.

Not only that, but the fan may help to cool down your room when it is so warm during the summertime. Also, if you sleep with a fan on, then your body temperature may stay more balanced and you may not have to wake up in the middle of a hot or cold flash during your sleep.

Will it help my sleep?

There are a couple of reasons a fan could help with your sleep. The first, as we have mentioned above, is the white noise of the fan could help you become drowsy and get off to sleep.

Secondly, if like me you wake in the night because you have become too hot while sleeping, having a fan oscillating and circulating air may cool you down while sleeping. This will help with any difficulty to get to sleep while hot as well as waking in the night because you are hot. Also, too much sweating may lead to a loss of important minerals that your body needs.

Will it keep me cool?

Will having a fan on during the night keep me cool? Firstly, does having a fan on during the day keep you cool? The answer to that one is yes. So, would it be fair to say that the same goes for having a fan on during the night.

If you are someone, such as myself, who gets hot during those warm evenings and tends to find it difficult to sleep – a fan will certainly cool you down, and personally, I find I nod off to sleep much easier.

Pros And Cons

Sleeping with a fan on can help promote good sleep. Fans can help you cool down while you sleep which may help you sleep better. Fan noise may also be a good way to block out unwanted noise.

The following are Pros of sleeping with a fan on are:

  • Fans can help cool you down while you sleep
  • Fan noise may be a good way to block out unwanted noise
  • Fans can circulate air around the room at night

There are also come Cons that you will need to consider when sleeping with a fan on. These include:

  • The noise of the fan may disturb your sleep
  • Circulation of allergens may agitate you while sleeping
  • The circulation of air may work partly to cause dry skin

When thinking of using a fan at night you may want to consider one with a timer so you can have it turn off after you go to sleep if you feel the cons outweigh the pros. The benefits of sleeping with a fan are short term and the cons will always outweigh the pros. 

If you are looking to get relief from your stuffy room you can open a window and use that to have fresh air flowing into your bedroom.


Sleeping with a fan is beneficial to your sleep because it helps you get a deeper, more restful sleep. It breaks up the different phases of sleep by making noise and regulating the temperature in the room.

For those who are bothered by the noise of a fan, they can buy a white noise machine that is able to produce a calming sound that will help block out other noises in your environment.

One suggestion I would make is to buy a fan that has a timer function, such as the ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan or the Dyson Pure Cool desk fan. Both of these also have filters to remove allergens from the air to give you cleaner air and so stop any irritation during your sleep.

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