5 Fun Things You Can Do With A Fan

What fun can you have with a fan?

Summer is just around the corner and if like me you’re getting your fans out ready to cool yourself down during the warmer months.

Most of us think of fans as a tool for cooling yourself down, however, you can have a bit of fun. Here are 5 things you can do with a fan for fun.

Fans can definitely be a lifesaver when it comes to cooling down, but who says they can’t also be a source of amusement? Here are 5 fun things you can do with a fan to add some excitement to your day:

1. Create a wind tunnel: Set up a few fans around a room, facing each other or in a circle, and enjoy the whirlwind of air they create. It’s like your own mini indoor tornado! Watch as papers, balloons, or other lightweight objects get caught in the wind and dance around.

2. Voice changer: Have you ever wanted to sound like a robot or an alien? Position a fan close to your face, turn it on, and start talking or singing. The vibrations from the fan will cause your voice to sound distorted and futuristic. Have a blast experimenting with different tones and pitches!

3. DIY air hockey table: Transform your table into an air hockey game by placing a fan underneath it. Make sure the fan is powerful enough to create a consistent airflow across the entire surface. Use a lightweight puck and some plastic “paddles” to play a game with your friends or family.

4. Fan-powered sailboat race: Create small paper sailboats and place them in a shallow container filled with water (like a kiddie pool or a large baking dish). Aim the fan at the boats and watch as they race across the water. You can even make it a competition by seeing whose boat can reach the finish line first!

5. Fan art: Place a large piece of paper on the floor with some water-based paints nearby. Turn the fan on and use it to blow the paint across the paper, creating abstract and unique designs. This can be a fun and messy activity, so make sure to lay down some newspaper or a drop cloth to protect your floors.

Remember, safety first! Always be cautious when using fans, especially around young children, and never stick your fingers or other objects into the moving blades. Now go have a blast exploring these fun and creative ways to use a fan!

Main image Photo by Siniz Kim on Unsplash

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