Which Is Best – A Desk Or Tower Bladeless Fan

This may be a question you find yourself asking at the moment. A desk bladeless fan is a great choice for personal use or if you are going to be using it in smaller rooms.

A tower bladeless fan is good for larger rooms. They are slightly more expensive but a tower fan is more likely to cover a large area. They are designed for larger rooms, unlike a desk fan.

The bladeless fans I recommend are both from Dyson although there are other brands now available which I will compare in a future post.

Pro’s of a bladeless desk fan

  • Let’s first look at the pros of a desk fan.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • Can be used in smaller rooms.
  • They are generally quieter than tower fans.
  • Takes up less space on the desk or around your bedside table.

As you can see with the Dyson, a desk fan compared to a tower fan, a desk fan has a footprint compared with a tower fan and the height is less too. They also take up far less room on the desk or table.

Con’s of a bladeless desk fan

  • Smaller means may be less airflow.
  • A desk fan won’t cover as much area as a tower fan.
  • Some desk fans have less directional adjustment or oscillation than a tower fan

Pro’s of a bladeless tower fan

  • They are larger and therefore better for larger rooms, offices or bedrooms usually giving more coverage.
  • Because they are bigger, the amount of air they can move is bigger, this means it’s more powerful and therefore produces more cooling and noise.

Con’s of a bladeless tower fan

  • A bladeless tower fan takes up more space on the desk or table.
  • They take up more space in the home, they can be too heavy and big to place around your bedside table.
  • They often take up more power to run than a desk fan.

So which is best? That really depends on what you require it for and where you will be using it. If you have a smaller room, the Dyson Air Multiplier desk fans are great and take up less space in your home. Also, the noise may be more bearable for some people if it’s near their bedside table or in their bedroom.

Use a tower fan in a larger room

I think it may be obvious from the above if you want the best airflow coverage possible in a larger room then you should use a tower fan.

Also, if you perhaps work in an office or study that has large windows, a tower fan may actually be more suitable as large windows can really affect the airflow of a traditional fan.

If you’re in a smaller personal office space

If you are using your fan in a smaller place then go with the desk fan. It may not have as much airflow coverage as a smaller hoop – but it has a smaller footprint.

In a Bedroom

If you have a smaller bedroom or lounge and don’t want your fan to take up too much space – then go with the desk fan. The noise will be less noticeable and it won’t take up as much room on your bedside table or around your bed.

In conclusion

I hope this post was helpful for you. Some of this may be obvious, but clarity is priceless.

If you are wanting to buy a bladeless fan, check out my reviews of the best Dyson bladeless fans on the market today. I will be reviewing other branded bladeless fans soon.

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