Rechargeable Battery Powered Bladeless Fans

The one problem with a conventionally powered fan is plugging it into a power outlet. You have to first find an outlet. Then you may have a power lead trailing all over your floor or desk. One solution to this is a rechargeable battery-powered fan.

Today we are going to talk about one of the best types of fans available right now which are rechargeable battery powered bladeless fans.

Rechargeable battery powered fans

What is a rechargeable battery powered fan and are there any bladeless fans that fit in the category?

A rechargeable battery powered fan is just as the name suggests. A fan that runs off a rechargeable battery. We all have at least one device today that runs off a rechargeable battery – our mobile phones for example.

More and more devices today are running off batteries, each generation getting better battery life. There have been fans that run of battery out for some time now. I personally have owned a few bladed battery-powered fans.

When I wanted to move to bladeless fans I struggled to find wireless, battery-powered fans. There is a large selection of bladeless fans on the market that plug into a power outlet, but not so many that run off a battery.

That’s when I stumbled across some rechargeable bladeless fans such as the Inmorven Desk Fan, an 11.8 inch bladeless desk fan. This small, but powerful, bladeless fan can sit on my desk and give me around 3-6 hours of a cool breeze on each charge. When it comes to choosing various kinds of fans to help keep us cool, nothing can match the usefulness of the rechargeable battery.

Advantages of battery operated fans over wired fans

What are the advantages of a battery-powered fan over a conventional wired fan?

  1. No having to find a power outlet
  2. No wires going across your desk
  3. Being able to take it anywhere with you
  4. Able to use it anywhere including indoors, in your car, tent, office, caravan and other places where no power exists.

The advantage of a battery-powered item is the portability; the flexibility to use anywhere when the battery is charged. 

If you are in the market for a bladeless fan – you may be already looking at the rechargeable battery-powered fans. It really depends if you want to have the portability or a fan you can plug in and not worry about running out of power.

Disadvantages of a battery-powered fan

  1. Limitations on usage time due to battery.
  2. Some may be less powerful than their powered alternative.
  3. Limited available.

When it comes to battery powered items, there is always a limitation on usage – generally, you get, for example, the fan mentioned above gets 3-6 hours of usage on a full battery charge. For many rechargeable items, you can generally run off the power lead while charging, although you would need to check the instructions of the fan to see if this is possible.

You may also find that, because the fan is running off a battery, to save battery they may be less powerful than a powered alternative.

Other disadvantages of bladeless fans

When you are talking about rechargeable battery-powered bladeless fans, they are not 100% bladeless fans. They are blameless in the sense that there is no blade in the hoop of the fan blowing air – although there is an internal motor with a fan attached that pulls and pushes air through the internal space of the fan with the air coming out of slots in the hoop.

In conclusion

This article will help you make an informed decision on whether you should go for a battery powered bladeless fan over a wired bladeless fan. That is my intention, just to point out some of the more benefits and issues, trying to give obvious choices for you and your family pertaining to having a wireless bladeless fan for the home, office or other room.

Personally, I have a combination. I have a rechargeable fan for my office and a powered fan for my lounge. Although my office may get a lot of usages – the fan in my lounge gets more. It would be more of an issue if that one was to run out of power than my desk.

I’m still a big fan of battery powered items including fans, especially bladeless fans. Bladeless fans are a popular option in air circulation because of their increased safety and efficiency. Many bladeless fans, for the moment, are powered by your power outlet – but more and more will become battery powered as technology improves. We can say that through examining our history where many items have moved in this direction.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share I would welcome the comments or suggestions you would like to share below.

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