Why Are Bladeless Fan Expensive?

Bladeless fans are different from traditional fans. They don’t have blades to push air and instead use a thin panel of spinning air. Bladeless fans are expensive because they need to be made from strong, lightweight materials in order to maintain optimal performance.

Bladeless over traditional fans

Bladeless fans are a lot more efficient than traditional fans and they don’t make that much noise.

Traditional fans have blades to circulate air which creates a lot of noise but bladeless fans do not need any blades and just use high-speed motors to create the breeze.

Differing from traditional fans is how bladeless fans produce airflow. Traditional fans are driven by blades that turn around and push air. As the blades move, they generate a movement of air. Bladeless fans don’t have blades, so they don’t create the movement of air. Instead, the bladeless fan includes rotating pieces of material that move through and around an opening in the centre of the product.

The main difference is that the blades of a traditional fan are on the outside. As they have no external blades, bladeless fans are generally considered more save than traditional fans. Bladeless fans don’t have a blade for outside air to push or pull through.

Another reason bladeless fans are expensive (comparable to expensive energy-sucking air conditioning units) is that high-quality materials must be used, and the product must be made from lightweight materials that can withstand high temperatures.

Bladeless Fan Benefits

There are numerous benefits of using bladeless fans instead of traditional ones for your home or workplace.

No exposed blades means that bladeless fans are extremely safe. Since there are no blades, they don’t pose a danger of cutting your fingers.

Since there are no external fan blades, bladeless fans are more effective at keeping the air temperature in the room in which it is placed. Without any outside air in the way of its mechanism, bladeless fans can do their job without any hindrances.

The cost of bladeless fans

Due to the nature of manufacturing the fans, i.e. the cost of discovering the new technology and manufacturing, the price seems to have been elevated high. The cost of the bladeless fan is higher than that of the traditional fan.

However, originally bladeless fans were just created and sold by Dyson, having the whole market meant they could set the bar. Today there are more companies out there manufacturing bladeless fans. These other companies have a much lower price point than the original bladeless fans.

However, they are still generally at a higher price point than a traditional fan. The cost for the bladeless fan is around $200, however, there are other conventional fans that are comparable in usefulness for a fraction of the price.

You could pick up a regular fan for as little as a 10th of the current price, at the time of writing this article, of a bladeless fan. Looking at Dyson you could probably increase this to 40th or 50th of the price.

So why go for a bladeless fan if the price is so different?

Personally, I feel that not all bladeless fans are equal. Yes, they all give, in my opinion, a better flow of air. However, the real benefits come if you buy one of the new bladeless fans that have a HEPA filter in them.

These fans filter out pollutants so that, if you are like me and suffer from something like hayfever or some other allergy, the filter helps remove the pollutants from the air. This is the reason I say that a bladeless fan is worth the price – at least a bladeless fan with a HEPA filter in it.

These filtered fans do cost a little more but they are worth the cost. There are even other brands of bladeless fans out now that have a HEPA filter, such as the HAJOAP Bladeless Tower Fan. These generally cost less than half of the Dyson similar fans at the time of writing this article.

In conclusion

Bladeless fans are currently more expensive. This extra cost, I believe, is because of the cost of innovation and manufacturing of these fans. There is no real evidence that I could find that says this or why these fans are so much more expensive – it’s just my take on a reason why these fans are so much more expensive currently. However, newer fans are being produced and we can see the cost come down.

There should be a point in the future where more bladeless fans are on the market and the cost should come down more.

The quality bladeless fans in my opinion are worth the high price. If you suffer from allergies, these fans will help in your fight against them.

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