Why Using An Electric Fan Is Better Than Using Air Conditioning

Most people look forward to the summer months, but what they don’t enjoy is the high electric bills that are a result of the air conditioning. The best alternative to air conditioning is investing in an electric fan. An electric fan will not only provide air circulation, but it can be placed in front of the window and act as a window air conditioner. The cost of an electric fan is much cheaper than that of an air conditioner and it’s a very effective way to cool down this summer.

Why electric fans are better than air conditioning

Both an electric fan and air conditioning can be used to cool down your living or workspace. There are however a few differences which you need to consider. These differences, in my opinion, give enough reason to why electric fans are better than air conditioning.

Electric fans are a great way to save some money on the cooling bill. Electric fans can easily put out a nice breeze and they’re often much more affordable to run, especially if running for quite a few hours every day. 

Cost is the first factor to think of. Firstly, air conditioning units are expensive to buy and fit. The majority have to be fitted by an expert, although you can buy some mobile air conditioning units. The cost of running one can also be expensive as they tend to take more electricity to run. One other factor is they need a lot of maintenance and cleaning to keep them working well and to ensure no contaminates get circulated in the air.

Fans on the other hand cost less to buy. They cost less to maintain and they can be placed anywhere there is a power outlet (or anywhere if battery powered). We have a lot of fans in our house, and most are oscillating fans to get more room coverage.

On the positive side, air conditioning units provide more control over the temperature of the air they push out and can generally be cooler, although you do have to maintain the unit to ensure all coolants, etc it requires are maintained.

Fans push room air around. Although the motion of the air to produce the breezed does cool you down, it will never feel as cold as air conditioning. Though to do this a fan does not need anything extra and maintenance is required less.

The benefits and drawbacks of electric fans

There are many benefits of using an electric fan, and a few drawbacks when you compare it to some other items that can cool your room.

The benefits of using an electric fan over air conditioning are many.Fans in general are a much cheaper alternative to air conditioning. Running costs for fans. Fans generally take less electricity because they don’t need to be as cold to provide that same appeal air conditioning does. 

They required less maintenance overall compared to an air conditioning unit.

Fans are more mobile. You can easily pick up a fan and move it to any location in your home.

You don’t need to recharge any fluids or gasses for a fan. Something that comes under maintenance for air conditioning.

Fans require less cleaning than an air conditioning unit. You need to ensure all contaminants are cleaned from air conditioning. 

These are the top benefits of using an electric fan compared to air conditioning or other home cooling systems.Drawbacks really come down to the level of cool air. An air conditioning unit will give you cold air at a temperature you set. Fans push room temperature air, which will cool you down – but doesn’t have the same level of control that an air conditioning unit has.

Electric fans and health

While people do not typically associate electric fans with health, they actually have a lot of benefits.

Electric fans cause you to sweat more, which is a natural way for your body to cool down and regulate its temperature. The fan also blows the air from the hot surfaces and makes it easier for your airways to breathe in the fresh air. And if you take a break from working on the computer too long, you can use a fan to make yourself feel refreshed while still staying productive.

The introduction would then provide information about how electric fans are good for your health and what kind of benefits they have in general.

Things to consider when purchasing an electric fan

There are three types of fans to choose from: desk, tower, and pedestal.

Desk fans are designed for use on a desk or table and generally have a low-profile design. They work well for those who mostly sit at their desks. Tower fans are taller and are often placed on a wider surface to create more circulation in an area. Pedestal fans tend to be the most powerful type of fan because they can be placed in the center of an area that needs cooling down.

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a fan is the size of your room. An over-sized fan might work well for your large living room, but will it take up more space and produce more noise. Generally, the larger the fan, the more air they push but the more noise they make.

The other choice to make is if you should get a bladeless fan, one with a HEPA filter maybe, or go for a traditional bladed fan. A bladeless fan, from all the fans I have looked at, generally has more power settings than a bladed fan and is often quieter. However, a regular bladed fan is usually cheaper than a bladeless fan.

Air conditioning can be very expensive and using fans to keep cool is a much cheaper alternative. Air conditioners tend to cool rooms down even when you aren’t in them which is generally a waste of money and the environment. A fan you can turn on when you are in the room and turn off when you leave.

Overall, using a fan is better than air conditioning because they generally cost less and are much more eco-friendly. They are also quieter than an air conditioner. Although, if you want more control over the temperature of the room then air conditioning will work well. The choice comes down to what you want.

Personally, I’m a believer that fans are better than air conditioning.

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