Top 5 Favourite USB Desktop Fans

I wanted to write about fans I know as a reviewer to give some idea to anyone who may be looking for a USB desk fan. All of these products, fans, listed are fans that I own myself and use often in smaller spaces and if I just want to use USB power. So, if you are interested in a cheaper, smaller, USB powered fan then read on.

So, looking for a smaller USB powered desktop fan. Here are my top 5 in no particular order.

Fancii Small Personal USB Fan

With the high demand for air conditioning in hot and humid places, twin-turbo Cyclone-Blade technology provides maximum airflow to keep you cool anywhere, anytime. It’s smaller, quieter and more powerful than similar models.

Airflow up to 4.2m/s is delivered by a maximum 25% quieter motor and a specially developed noise reduction system. The Cyclone-Blade also provides maximum airflow in all directions. The fan can be tilted up to 180 degrees to provide cooling air circulation.

Personally, I find this fan quite effective. Blade wide, it may not have the biggest but at full power, it certainly gives out a lot of air. The only thing is, the higher the fan settings (well, there are only 2 settings), the loader it is.

Overall, it’s a great USB powered desktop fan.

SmartDevil Desk Fan

ONLY 6 oz! Compact lightweight design for maximum convenience. Small and lightweight personal fan provides cooling air circulation in any desired directions with 360 degree tilt rotation.Perfect for use in home, car, office, desktop, camping, or travel.

Smartdevil USB desk fan uses a silent structure that is engineered to be ultra-quiet while delivering high airflow. Better accompany your work or sleep without disturbing you. This is quite true on its first setting, although as you go up to the 2nd and 3rd setting it gets loader.

That being said, this is the fan I take into the office. On its first setting it is quiet enough that it doesn’t disturb, yet gives out a good solid cooling breeze.

SmartDevil Desk Fan

Although the title is the same, you would be mistaken to think it is the same fan as above. This is in fact another USB desk fan from SmartDevil, only a little larger and has more control over fan speed.

The blade size of the fan is 5.23 inches which is a little larger than some of my other desk fans. Although it is small the wind is powerful. It has 5 streamlined fan blades to reduce noise, reduce wind resistance and increase air supply area. Ideal for home, car, office, desktop, camping or travel.

This makes it a small, light and convenient personal fan with 20-degree adjustable valve body, the wind direction can be changed as required. I found it can angle perfect for me. However, one negative is I found it felt a little flimsy and wobbly when I moved the fan – due to the mechanism for altering the angle. 

Overall I found this a good fan.

Infray USB Desk Fan

If I were to pick just 1 fan out of this list, although the choice would be difficult, this is the fan I would choose. The reason, well first let’s look at the specs.

It’s a USB desk fan for indoor/outdoor use, but also can be worked as a night light, breathing night light with a breeze makes baby sleep peacefully. You should have a desk fan for home or office to stay cool in summer. USB table fan design with 4 speeds setting, low, middle, high and fast speeds are available to choose. It also can be adjusted 90° vertical and automatically 120° horizontal rotation, helping you stay cool at every angle.

What I like about is, first it folds down so easy to carry around. It oscillates for when you want more coverage. It’s one of the larger USB desk fans so good airflow. It has more fan speed settings and finally, it can operate from a USB lead or battery when charged.

All this combined is why it’s my favourite out of this list, but they are all really good fans. This is probably the most expensive out of the fans.


This is a small desk fan that can be charged and run off the internal battery or using a USB lead. The battery can provide 5 to 45 hours according to the speeding setting. This oscillating fan is designed with auto oscillation of 60 degrees – 80 degrees as well as 350 degrees vertical and horizontal rotation (some of this rotation has to be done manually). This small desk fan has a small size, lightweight and thin structure, and can be adjusted to fit your needs. 

The thing I enjoy about this fan is, firstly it can be charged and used without a lead. It has good control over the speed of the fan. However, its most important factor is that it has a clamp that you use to fasten it. 

I’ve used it by clamping it to the end of my desk, I’ve clamped it to the top of a chair. I even clamped it to a curtain rail to give a good breeze from above. I’ve also read that some use this on things such as pushchairs and prams to cool down babies and younger children.

Having a clamp certainly makes it versatile to use. Add to that the battery power and it’s one fan to have in your daily life during the summer. I know when it’s warm outside (and inside) we use this fan daily.

Definitely one fan we would not be without.


These are my top 5 desktop USB fans. Fans that I personally use and feel like I can say are the best I have tried. I would happily recommend any of these fans to anyone.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. I wanted to share with you my experience of not only bladeless fans but also USB powered bladed fans; which are probably my most used in the office. Mostly because they are small.

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